Cat Dragged In · Nils Timm
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CAT DRAGGED IN is a story about chance encounter, a moment in time between two people who are connected by their past and need each other to reconnect to the present. The style and mood of the film is influenced by the analog photography of Anton Corbijn. With the support of Danny De Vito and Rhea Perlman, the film could be shot in 16mm, a format I wanted for it’s raw & vintage feel and that would fit a nostalgic look on a burning Los Angeles. Features an eclectic soundtrack by Ross Golan and Devin Greenwood.


Director: Nils Timm

Writer: Polly Walter

Producers: Polly Walter, David Freid

Cinematographer: Bernard Evans

Editor: Anthony Rosc

Prod. Company: American Film Institute


RT: 19min

Format: S16mm Film (HD)

Aspect Ratio: 1.78

Distributor: Indieflix/AFI via iTunes

Release Date: 2010


Paul Lieber

Sage Mears

Danny De Vito

Rhea Pearlman