Deserted · Nils Timm
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DESERTED is about a confederate soldier becoming a substitute father to an orphaned boy. The thesis film pays homage to the Hollywood epics from the 50s,  featuring grand vistas, long, anamorphic shots of locked of cameras and an orchestral score composed in close collaboration with the UCLA orchestra. Featuring horse chases, stunts, child actors and a period setting, it has been used for many years by AFI to demonstrate what students can do on a shoestring budget.


Director: Nils Timm

Writers: Steve Douglas-Craig, Nils Timm

Producer: Daniel Marc Dreifuss

Cinematographer: Rob Toth

Editor: Anthony Rosc

Composer: Jeff Kryka

Prod. Company: American Film Institute


RT: 19min

Format: HD F900

Budget: $20K

Distributor: IndieFlix/AFI

Release Date: 2010


P.J. Marshall

Aaron Sanders

John Michael Herndon

Gus Lynch