Echoes · Nils Timm
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ECHOES is a supernatural Thriller that deals with a young writer suffering from Sleep Paralysis and trying to understand whether the haunting events in her dreams are real or not. With meticulous planning, Nils managed to produce, write & direct his first feature film in a record time of 10months. The intention was to create a thriller in the vein of classic Hitchcock and Polanski films, that balances suspense with human drama. Despite it’s micro-level budget and a tight schedule, Nils wanted to showcase his ability to make a fully designed, stylized and cinematically mature feeling film. The film is still in festival circulation and has won awards including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay & Best Actress.


Writer, Director: Nils Timm

Producers: Nils Timm, Ditte Halleskov, Aaron Harvey

Editor: Anthony Rosc

Production Designer: Ditte Halleskov

Composer: Dre Nitze

Prod. Company: Fat Free Films, LLC


RT: 88min

Format: 2k_RED

Distributor: Anchor Bay Entertainment

International Sales Rep: Archstone Distribution

Release Date: 2015


Kate French

Steven Brand

Billy Wirth

Steve Hanks